Posted on Aug 01, 2010

My name is Srinivas. I am from Chirala (Prakasam distt), working in Defense forces. I was married to Usha on Aug 2006. Within one year from marriage we had some suggestions or demands for a child. So we started taking treatment in my home town. My wife Usha had to go severe treatment for almost 02 years without any result.Then we were posted to Rajasthan. Here also we continued our treatment.

In Chirala ,treatment went like this. When we both went first time to hospital, doctor checked both of us and told Usha had hormonal problem for which she had to be operated. After the operation everything will be normal as we thought. Doctor told that the treatment should be continued for next six months. In the mean time we went on posting to Rajasthan. We could not be able to continue the treatment. When we went home after 4 months, we met the doctor and told that we were not able to continue the treatment. He got angry and told that you should continue the treatment otherwise there is no point in doing operation, further he told that Usha might have to go for one more operation. We were shocked because we were financially burdened. Usha was physically and psychologically depressed already.

After we came back to Rajasthan, we went to a doctor, he saw the report and asked the reason for operation. He told that he could not understand the correct reason for the operation, still he said that we will go for 3 to 4 months treatment and then we will think further. In the meantime my sister-in-law went to meet Guruji for her personal advice. In between our topic came and Guruji told that the problem is not in my wife, but it is in me. We were shocked to know that we were no where near (that time we were in Rajasthan) to Guruji, still he told the actual cause of the problem.

Further I can say that I don’t have perfect words to say the magical power of Guruji.Then I went for treatment and blessed with a child on Jan 2010. Please forgive me if there are any grammatical mistakes in this experience. Now I am a true follower of SriSriSri Guru Viswa Spoorthi. I had attended one day class atDhyana Mano Prastanam (Hyd) on 28 mar 2010. Now I am doing surya namaskarm,Yoga, Pranayamam and Dhyanam atleast 06 days a week. SPHOORTHI OUM